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With a decade's worth of experience, the firm is poised to help you protect your well-developed, innovative, and creative technological solutions, goodwill, algorithms, and original works of authorship. 

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Intellectual Property Services

Patent Application

As the backbone to your intellectual property (IP) portfolio and marketing strategy, patents give you a presence and a competitive edge in the marketplace that cannot be provided through any other form of intellectual property. Our IP Attorney files patent applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to protect the functional aspects of our clients' intellectual property. 

Trademark Application

Let your customers immediately identify your goods or services by obtaining a trademark or a service mark for your goods or services. Although common law rights may be available to those who first use their marks in commerce, we can help you with obtaining federal registrations for your marks. 


In the digital age, copyrights are an increasingly valuable resource. Copyrights can be filed at the Copyright Office using a fairly simple process. We can help you through that process.

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About Dallin Call IP Law, LLC

Dallin Call IP Law was established in Dallas, TX in 2019. In 2022, the firm moved its headquarters to Utah. The firm now operates out of West Jordan, Utah, but it provides services to the entire Salt Lake Valley, Omaha, Nebraska, and parts of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. 

At Dallin Call IP Law, we believe that access to legal services should not be limited by education, funding, or prior experience. Our primary goal is to level the playing field by providing invaluable business services, IP guidance, and expertise to both experts and inexperienced individuals alike. We understand that inexperienced businesspeople often need direction in obtaining funding or further developing their innovative concepts. We are committed to helping them become more experienced by providing the necessary tools and support. By doing so, we ensure that anyone with a creative idea can “see it through to the end” and monetize their well-developed IP assets.

Intellectual Property Legal Team

Meet the team

The law firm's team comprises entrepreneurial attorneys. Our attorneys have experience advising Fortune 500 companies and startups. Their expertise includes obtaining and protecting intellectual property assets for their own business ventures. These experiences position the attorneys of the firm to provide proven advice regarding established and entrepreneurial intellectual property practices. 

Dallin Call

Founder and Patent Attorney
As the founder of Dallin Call IP Law, Dallin has demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen, and intellectual property expertise. Dallin helps clients navigate the complexities of intellectual property law and patent monetization.

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